Sheers, whats the fuss?


The other day my sister in-law came over to visit & she started doing laps in & out of my front door, trying to figure out how these 'magical' curtains work. The curtains in question were the sheers in my lounge room. 

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I live right in the middle of Newcastle city in one of the many apartments, as a result I have at least a few hundred neighbours. I love inner city living, but I also love to have my privacy. None of us want to experience the dilemma of Monica & Rachel from Friends with their memorable neighbour 'ugly naked guy' & we defiantly don't want our neighbours getting to know us that well either. This is where sheers come to the rescue. Sheer curtains come in varying translucency, but in any case are the perfect way to maximise natural light while maintaining privacy. You won't have to sacrifice your view & it allows the sun to modestly enter with a light weight airy feeling that really softens your room. You may also choose to hang your sheer along with a block out curtain, this is especially popular in bedrooms. In doing so you will have light & privacy during the day, but this also allows you to close the block out when you want total privacy or to darken the room.  By adding this extra privacy to your home, you can't help but feel more comfortable & at peace.This is why sheers have become a staple in many homes.


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 Not only are sheers practical to have but they are also a really simple & stylish addition to any room, in any house, in almost any location. Sheer curtains look great in any style of home & can help to compliment your decorative design.  We always encourage our clients to take their sheers full height and either kiss the floor or beyond, they will make any house a home. 

Carmen Barnes

Valley Vogue